Full Album – How Many Moments

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All music, lyrics and arrangements by Chris McDonald.
All songs written, sung and arranged by Chris McDonald with keyboard accompaniment – except song # 7 sung by Jarrod Humphrey who also contributed to the arrangement.
Original recording and mixing in Chris’s home studio.
See also acknowledgments for guitar accompaniment as indicated with asterisks and comments below.

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* With Adrian Cojenel (guitar and riff)
** With Jarrod Humphrey (vocals and guitar)

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Music, lyrics, and arrangements by Chris McDonald.

2 reviews for Full Album – How Many Moments

  1. Barbara Bryan

    I can honestly say that this is an outstanding album which inspires, makes you aware, and cry and also reflect. The production, the words, the music and the voice is simply beautiful and I would encourage everyone to listen to Chris on a daily basis ….every word has connection to my soul and heart and relates to my life. It’s just so ‘human’. Thank you Chris.

  2. Helen Crompton

    I had heard most of these tracks in the past, but what I had forgotten is how original, how profound and how moving these beautiful songs are. These are extraordinary reflections on the human condition and I hope thousands – millions! – get to listen to them and love them. You are exquisite, Chris McDonald.

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